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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller


3D Social Web5x Dashboard
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to Planetary Transformation

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Experience a revolutionary new interface that is immersive yet simple, refined over 15 years of user experience prototyping.
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IP: Over 15 Years of Development

Interoperable Semantic Trust 


Guardian Alliance

Fractal Harmonic Organization

Integrative Technical Architecture

Gamified Learning Systems

Next-Gen Interfaces


Visions of a Fractal Holographic Network 

In the years leading up to 2005, the meeting of Harlan T Wood and Adam Apollo sparked a cascade of visions about the future of communication networks, collaboration systems, visualization, and trust systems. From archetypal harmonics to geometric lattices, could an integrative philosophy of consciousness provide insight into better organizations, more holistic business models, and more sustainable social, economic, and environmental practices?



The first proposal for a Core Network based on harmonic geometric visualization, and a Trust Exchange reputation framework is developed by Adam Apollo and Harlan Wood. Early project collaborators included Daniel Pinchbeck, Ken Jordan, Denise Gentry, Andy Dale, and Jack Senechal. 


Enlightened Structure

Between 2008 and 2010, Harlan T Wood and Adam Apollo cocreate a series of web prototypes in collaborative editing systems, fork-diff-merge for various content types, and further developed models for trust systems and networks.



UNIFY – Technology for a Movement

In 2012, Adam Apollo co-founded the Unify Movement and built the initial technology and web properties for and related social sites. He helped to design the branding, logo, onboarding structure, and developed the NationBuilder data aggregation system while launching social network pages. 



Superluminal Systems

After securing funding for the Resonance Project Foundation’s unified physics efforts (now known as the Resonance Science Foundation), Adam Apollo founded Superluminal Systems with Harlan T Wood, Teresa Collins, and Marshall Lefferts. Together, they set out to build new learning systems and communities, starting with the Resonance Academy.



Core Network: a New Phase

Throughout Superluminal Systems initial R&D phases, development progressed on harmonic organization systems and Core Network visualization models. Working in partnership with the Gene Keys US organization, Superluminal Systems developed an organizational map using the I-Ching based on the harmonic translations in Adam Apollo’s cultural anthropology studies of the I-Ching, Taoism, Ancient Celtic Traditions, Native Americans, and more.



Resonance Academy

In 2014, Superluminal Systems released its first sLMS (Learning Management System) instance, the Resonance Academy for Unified Physics. From seed conception to full branding, badge frameworks, site development, immersive environment design, authorship of the initial learning program, and a multi-phase sequenced launch strategy, the project was a tour-de-force. Now serving over 100,000 students.



Guardian Alliance

After training the internal team at the Resonance Science Foundation to run and manage the Resonance Academy site, construction on the Guardian Alliance Academy for Self-Mastery began. Now serving over 13 courses to 5000+ students, and providing recurring income to 7 faculty members.



Visionary Arts Academy

Superluminal Systems brought together a huge team of visionary artists to present LIVE sessions and workshops online, as well as created a teacher education system to help them develop the skills to create courses and receive residual income. Producing over 35 live Academy Sessions and ArtJams, this site is an ongoing resource for budding artists around the world.



Convergence Academy

In 2017, Superluminal Systems helped design and develop the systems framework, branding, and business model for the Convergence Academy. However, due to a pivot in the organization, this Academy was never launched. 



National Sedation Center

The National Sedation Center provides education and certification to medical professionals. This site project in 2018 by Superluminal Systems integrated SCORM Compliance, certification systems, subscription memberships, database searches, course deployment and more.



Crown Sterling • TIME AI
Strathspey Crown

At the end of 2018, Superluminal Systems contracted with Crown Sterling to develop a new encryption system to replace prime number based algorithms, as well as provide design and digital properties management for the Strathspey Crown suite of companies. C.S. successfully developed an irrational number based encryption to modify ECDH and generate high-entropy random numbers, and launched a cryptocurrency to manage encryption services.



CoreNexus Build Begins

In 2020, Superluminal Systems brought focus back to Core.Network, now trademarked as CoreNexus™, as the technology, capacity, design, and decentralized systems began to reach maturity. Now with an LMS powered business plan, full scaling map, high-leverage strategic alliances and more, Superluminal Systems is positioned to launch a world-shifting 3D Social Operating System for the future…