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Superluminal Academy Network

Guardian Alliance

The Guardian Alliance is unlike any other online Academy ever released. If you imagine entering the Xavier School for Gifted Children where the X-Men train, where there are portals to real-life Jedi Training experience, regular global Round Table sessions, and doors to Hogwarts where you can learn ancient magical secrets, you have some sense of the fantastic and immersive world of self-development in the Guardian Alliance.

Steadily growing with its roster of thousands of students, this school for self-mastery can be seen as a “Mystery School” for the modern age, where technological and scientific proficiency is just as important as esoteric and metaphysical arts.

Visionary Arts Academy

The Visionary Arts Academy is a community exploring the creative power of Art, and its ability to change our lives, and the world. With a growing international faculty and regular ARTJAM sessions which bring together artists in live creative sessions, it is poised to be a new kind of arts Academy unlike any other in the world.

Members can upload images into their own curated galleries, chat with each other, create topics for discussion and reflection, and participate in live video interviews with Faculty, as well as ARTJAM global co-creation sessions.

Resonance Academy

Our flagship LMS launch was the Resonance Academy, an integrative school for Unified Physics. Exploring the roots of worldview shifts and great thinkers across history, in-depth modern physics theory and application, unified physics principles, ancient cultures, and the future of human technology and consciousness, the Resonance Academy is a real life “Starfleet Academy.”

Opened in 2013, the Resonance Academy has grown to tens of thousands of members, and the sLMS is largely responsible for most baseline expenses of this non-profit now being sustainably covered by their own academic initiatives.