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Resonance Academy

With the 2012 release of a recent paper by Resonance Science Foundation (previously The Resonance Project Foundation) founder and Director of Research Nassim Haramein, a massive increase in public attention and interest was expected. The Superluminal Learning Management System (sLMS) was designed to build long-term engagement from public website visitors, effectively transforming curious users into marketing agents, partners, and stakeholders in the ideas and mission of the Resonance Science Foundation.

Public engagement in the sLMS directly translates to income for the Foundation through paid programs and courses, providing a financial support system that has grown to cover operational and research expenses. Previous attendance levels of Emissary Programs (one of the primary public income streams for the Foundation) were limited by the location size, as well as the travel capacities and time availability of attendees. Our internet-based learning systems allow nearly unlimited attendees for automated courses, and students can explore the curriculum at their own pace. The sLMS has also captured user information including emails and addresses to support ongoing public outreach.

Beyond income earned through program tuition, this project was also designed to refine and extend the branding and public interface of the Resonance Science Foundation, and create a portfolio of Intellectual Property (IP) through the development of custom Badges (user credentials), complete curriculum maps, content creation and media production.

While the core of the sLMS is open-source (supported by a global team of developers for updates and refinements), the proprietary material cultivated through this project for the Resonance Science Foundation included:

  • Public Engagement & Onboarding Strategies
  • Curriculum Mapping & Strategic Portioning
  • Program Content & Media Production/Repurposing
  • User Credential & Recognition Systems (Badges)
  • Online Systems for Community Building and Internal Team Development
  • Integrative Online Learning Environment with E-Commerce Capabilities
  • Strategic Interfacing & Content Integration Across All Web & Social Properties

Complete descriptions of the sLMS project with detailed specifications, interface, and development methodologies can be found in the full Superluminal Learning Management System Design & Development proposal. Contact us for more information.