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Curriculum Design

Included in the LMS Custom Development Package is complete design and consultation around curriculum development, including content development for initial Portals (curriculum paths), Levels, Programs and related Badges, specific Courses, and student learning groups (Teams). Through assessment of the primary curriculum or engagement needs, the Superluminal Team provides consultation and translation to enable the LMS system to support specific organizational short and long-term interests.

Badge Design & Development

As users complete Programs in the curriculum, they will earn Badges, which are initially digital credentials that users can display onsite, across social networks, and on other compatible LMS systems.  Each Badge is carefully custom designed as an extension of an organization’s branding in high-quality digital image formats.  Each Badge will include a version that could potentially be transferred to physical patches, enamel pins, or other physical awards.

In addition, smaller digital-only symbols may be generated for each the initial courses in primary curriculum tracks as visual “stepping-stones” users traverse in their progress towards earning a Badge.  Additional custom imagery will be created throughout the learning system, to make it as friendly and engaging as possible for users and administrators.

Teacher Process Design & Support


The success of every LMS is based on the capacity for teachers or administrators to capture and share their most important information through accessible and digestible courses and programs.  The Superluminal Team provides assistance and support to organizational members during their process of creating curriculum content.  This support includes a process design which elucidates each step of the content creation, insertion, and management workflow.  From determining effective course packages inside larger programs to recording videos, uploading resources, and using the Content Management System to write effective user guides and input media, every aspect of the teacher workflow is reviewed and supported.

Team Building

Members of an organization identified as having the capacity to provide the greatest support in the development of the LMS Curriculum Maps and course structures may be recruited to assist in these design processes, with the approval of appropriate organization leadership.