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Beyond Learning Systems

During each of an organization’s major stages of growth, some of the major challenges to address include public outreach, user engagement, and member retainment.  Through development of an effective learning system, an organization can share their visions and projects with a growing community of engaged learners; users of such systems can effectively become marketing agents, partners, and stakeholders in growing an organization’s capacities and outreach.

The Superluminal LMS project is focused on developing a Learning Management System (LMS) that integrates with (or upgrades) an existing organization’s website, providing a series of tools to:

1 Capture website visitors and invite them to participate in learning programs

2 Convert visitors into paying clients and supporters

3 Create a pool of users trained in the organization’s fundamental principles and projects

4 Develop an organization’s internal human resources to increase their capacities

5 Increase public outreach and credibility 6 Encourage sponsors and funders to support an organization’s programs 7 Provide long-term community building and engagement

Beyond a “Learning System,” this project uses gamification techniques and strategies to galvanize deeper levels of interactivity for both public users as well as internal organization associates and members.  These techniques reward user activity and engagement, and provide incentives for users to explore, learn, and “take the reins” to become ambassadors of an organization.

The Design & Development Team has an extensive history of working with both online and offline learning systems, curriculum development, and community software development and customization.  The suite of services provided through this project comprehensively address an organization’s current strategic needs, provide pathways to enhance and integrate existing capacities, and develop an effective set of tools to create sustainable and lasting organizational development.

Through an agile development approach leveraging existing open-source software solutions, developing custom software elements, and designing user-interfaces that become part of an organization’s Intellectual Property (IP), this project can be completed at a relatively low-budget, while immediately providing additional income streams and drastically raising the valuation of an organization.