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Our Academies

The Superluminal LMS (sLMS) technology suite integrates the best elements of the social web with emerging education principles, accreditation systems, split-payment e-commerce, modular design, and more.  It builds on the best open-source software platforms, and integrates proprietary plugins that specifically address the needs of evolving organizations.

Our Technology Platforms

The Superluminal Systems team is behind several open-source and proprietary projects focused on developing distributed web technologies, cryptocurrency systems, trust systems, social tools to transcend and include existing social networks, and immersive 3D VR/AR interfaces.

Our Design & Client Sites

Growing Learning Communities

Our consultation services include program design and coaching for teachers and organizational administrators to empower the creation and growth of deeply engaged learning communities. Course curricula can do more than train students with applicable skills and wisdom; they can create new income opportunities for students who choose to become teachers, ambassadors, and world leaders applying their new knowledge. We believe that truly effective educational systems are self-generating, individually empowering, and innately community building.

Curriculum Mapping & Badges

Superluminal Systems provides complete curriculum design services, mapping, and tracking systems to enable organizations and academies to develop highly effective learning pathways.  Through the design of Badges compatible with open-badge standards, we provide effective accreditation and gamification strategies for on-boarding and long-term user engagement.

Superluminal Systems Stack

The Superluminal Systems Stack is an integrative software lattice that is being developed to include personal cloud architecture (DataCosmos), security and e-commerce systems, learning management and collaboration systems (⨕ LMS), an interoperable graph layer, semantic social layers (NodeSpheres), and next-generation data visualization systems and interfaces (The Core Network).

The Core Network

Designed and developed by Adam Apollo and Harlan T Wood as an open-source Enlightened Structure, the Core Network is a new information visualization and navigation system.  Semantically organizing data based on harmonic (color-based) categorization, the Core Network coordinates spacial relationship in a dynamic and touch-friendly hex-grid based on shared meaning within each harmonic category. This revolutionary chromatic and omnicentric navigation system changes the way we view and organize data.

Tools for All Users

Superluminal Systems provides comprehensive tools and resources for students, teachers, administrators and organizations.  Students can build a learning profile that can travel with them to other academies through open-badge standards.  Teachers can post course material in nearly any media format, receive student feedback, and host live Q&A sessions.  Administrators and organizations have access to tracking analytics, integrative e-commerce, and much more.